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How To Choose the Right Print Size For Your Wall

By January 31, 2021No Comments

So you’ve decided you need to add some life to your walls with a beautiful canvas or framed print, but now you’re having a hard time deciding what print size to get. Choosing an appropriate size is important, because if you get it wrong something will just feel off. Too small and your wall can look incomplete, too big and it can feel a bit overcrowded. Here are some suggestions for getting that print size just right.

1. Pre-Visualise

A great way to help you visualise how your canvas or framed print will look on the wall is to outline a few potential dimensions with some paper or sticky notes. Then take a step back and see how it fits in with the overall room. Does a standard landscape orientation (e.g. 6 x 4) look best or would a wider panoramic print suit the room better? Try different options and compare them until you find one that you like.

2. Sizing Guidelines

Here are a couple of rules that you can start with to help pick the right size of wall art for your space.

1) Wall art should take up around 60-75% of the free space on the wall. For example, if the available wall space (the bits that aren’t covered by furniture) is 2 metres wide, the ideal width of your art would be between 1200-1500mm wide. For framed prints, bear in mind that the frame and matte usually takes up some room, so the size of the actual paper print would be smaller. And of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to one print per wall, you can make up the space using several smaller prints using a gallery wall layout.

2) When hanging wall art over furniture such as a bed or a sofa/couch, it should be between 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the furniture. For example, if your bed is 1.5 metres wide, the width of your canvas or framed print should be between 1000-1125mm wide.


wall art canvas print example

3. Bigger Is Better

When it comes to wall art, in general bigger is always better. A small canvas won’t fill a big space, but a large print will create a beautiful focal point. The sizing guidelines mentioned above are just that – guidelines. When in doubt, go big or go home! Of course, you can combine multiple smaller prints together to create an eye-catching gallery wall.

Wall art canvas print lupins tekapo

4. Height Matters

As well as choosing the right size wall art, the height at which you hang your canvas or framed print matters too. As a general rule, the centre of the canvas should be eye-level or just above. If you’re hanging the piece above furniture, leave some room between the print and the furniture. At least 15-30cm is recommended to give some room to breathe.

forest wall art example

5. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a fun, eye-catching way to fill a large space with several smaller prints. You can group together wall art which is all the same size, or create real visual interest by grouping together art of varying sizes in one of many gallery layouts that you can find online.

Tip: Whichever layout you choose, lay the artwork out on the floor first, measure the total groupings height and width and make sure it follows the same guidelines above for filling up your space.

gallery layout wall art



I hope that gives you an idea on how to choose the right print size for your walls. Now you just have to choose what photos you want, which can be a much harder job! Feel free to browse my online gallery for stunning landscape photos taken all throughout New Zealand. All my prints are available to purchase at custom sizes, so if you don’t see a size that’s suitable for your space, contact me and we can discuss other options to suit your walls.