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So you’ve decided you’re ready for some beautiful wall art, and you’ve decided what size it’s going to be. Another tough decision to be made is whether to go with a traditional framed paper print, or a frameless canvas print.

The short answer is it depends where the canvas print or framed print will be hung, your personal preferences and tastes, the budget, and interior design style of your home or office. If you already have other pieces of wall art in the same area, it’s best to stick to the same style. But if you’re starting in a brand new space, here are some differences to consider when making the choice.

Framed Prints

Printing on paper is the most traditional way of displaying a photo and has a certain aesthetic value that is widely accepted. The choice of frame can alter the feel of the piece, allowing you to give it a modern look (e.g. with a simple, but bold, black frame), or a more classic look with an elegant frame. Framed paper prints are often seen in smaller frames and not as pieces that take up the entire wall as often is the case with canvas prints.


wall art framed print

Advantages of Framed Prints

– Paper prints show a slightly higher level of detail than canvas prints
– The frame and glass protects the photo
– Variety of frame options
– Frames can be re-used
– Tend to give a more classical look

Disadvantages of Framed Prints

– The glass can cause glare and reflections
– Can be heavier and more fragile than canvas prints
– The style of the frame needs to match the interior
– Framing adds to the cost


I don’t currently offer a framing service with my paper prints, however I’m more than happy to assist in finding a good framer in your local area, and with choosing a suitable frame if required.


Canvas Prints

A canvas print is an image printed onto canvas (usually made of cotton and/or polyester) and then stretched over a wooden frame. There are different options for what gets printed on the edges of the frame. With my canvas prints, I always choose a “mirror wrap” option, which means that the edges of the photo are mirrored and printed on the side of the frame. That way, the edges of the frame still blend in with the rest of the photo, but you don’t lose any of the image itself being wrapped onto the frame.


Wall art canvas print lupins tekapo

Advantages of Canvas Prints

– Ready to hang
– No glare or reflections
– No frame or mat to take attention away from the photo
– Lightweight
– Look great in all styles of decor
– Sprayed with UV protective coating


Disadvantages of Canvas Prints

– Photo can’t be switched out like a framed print
– No glass protection



Personally I’m torn between the two types of prints. I have both in my home, which is probably a no-no from an interior decorating point of view, but maybe that’s why I’m a photographer and not a designer! I love both, but if I had to choose I would probably go with canvas prints because of their versatility and simplicity.

Regardless of which option you choose, I’m proud to say all my paper prints and canvas prints are printed by professional printing services using quality materials. I’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money into capturing the perfect photos, so it’s important to me that the final print represents those photos beautifully.

Need help deciding what size print is best for your wall? Check out this guide. Or feel free to browse my online gallery for beautiful landscape photos I’ve taken from all around New Zealand.